About Us

Employsure is a recruitment and headhunting agency. We work to place domestic staff and private staff on a local and international level to meet the client’s personal needs. We place, recruit and hire house managers, cooks, nannies, gardeners, caregivers, domestic helper/maid, tutor, driver, babysitter, bodyguards, private hairdressers, personal trainers, personal assistants, etc.
We also offer our services to embassies and other governmental organizations, diplomats and their families, and international private businesses in the management of their extensive properties.
Our clients include private families, formal households, high-profile individuals, and celebrities as well as businesses and enterprises.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred recruitment and headhunting agency, delivering peace of mind into homes and the society at large.

Our Mission

Our mission

We want to continually provide reliable and high caliber private domestic staff and in-home care personnel to make life easy and give peace of mind.